Stonehouse Baking Co.

Need a Cake for a
Birthday, Office, or Party?

Cakes -10”
German Chocolate
Southern Coconut
Red Velvet
Yellow Buttercake

New York Style Cheesecake -8”
Chocolate Ganache

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Stonehouse Baking Company

The Stonehouse Baking Company is pleased to continue its 12 year tradition of providing delicious handcrafted pastries, sandwiches and more to Barrington, New Hampshire.  From offering old favorites like donuts and adding items from his family traditions such as cheesecake, cakes, cupcakes, and quiches, new owner, Denis St. Pierre blends the best of the old with the most exciting of the new.

Recent enhancements make the Stonehouse Baking Company your destination of choice for brunch, lunch or coffee hour. These include free wifi, satellite radio, and a new line of gluten free products. Delivery of platters and take out are also readily available.

Stonehouse Baking Company is proud to carry local and regional products including:

A Brief History

In becoming the new owner of the Stonehouse Bakery, Denis has fulfilled a long held dream of becoming the third generation of his family to don an apron and happily spend his predawn hours dusting a platoon of pans with flour. In doing so, he becomes part of a family tradition of providing baked goods to the residents of New Hampshire which began when his grandfather, Joseph opened his bakery in Portsmouth during the Great Depression. It was carried on after the Korean War when his father returned to take over operations, and continued through Denis’ childhood when he began helping out at the bakery at the tender age of 7 or thereabouts, by washing pans, folding boxes and spreading brownie mix in sheet pans. Denis’ pride in this tradition and his belief in family can be seen by an important addition to the Stonehouse Baking Company’s décor : a photo of his father in the family bakery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the 1940’s.

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